Client Success Stories July 28, 2021

Kimberly’s Story: First-Time Home Buyer!

Kimberly made a goal two years ago that she wanted to buy her first home.  She wanted to make sure she would make a good investment, as well as find the home that best fit her lifestyle.  A modern home in a safe neighborhood was very important to Kimberly as she began her search.

The Godwyn Realty team, led by stellar agent Joel, helped Kimberly find a home that was uniquely hers. First, they made a list of Home Goals, the “must haves” for Kimberly. Next, they went to work finding a selection of homes in neighborhoods that fit Kimberly’s style.  After seeing fewer than 10 homes, Kimberly found a beautiful home in the Arabi neighborhood.  During the inspection period, Joel made sure that the home was built correctly and everything was to code to give Kimberly confidence that she would be moving into a well-constructed home.

“A major goal two years in the making.  I cannot be more grateful.” – Kimberly



Kimberly now lives a block away from her best friend, and a few blocks from family.

“A huge thank you to my realtor, Joel, and Godwyn Realty!  You made the process so seamless!”  – Kimberly



“I purchased my first home with Joel and could not be more grateful for his expertise, professionalism, and just overall care for his clients. He truly treats you like family and wants the best for you in your buying experience. He made the process so seamless and easy. I can’t say enough great things. Definitely recommend if you’re in the market to buy a house.” – Kimberly

Whether you are relocating to NOLA, upgrading your home, need a change of scenery, or wanting something new, let the team at Godwyn Realty help you find a home that is perfect for you. We know the process can be overwhelming, so start with a Home Goals meeting with an agent. We can help you dream about what is possible in New Orleans.