Client Success Stories September 24, 2021

Christiana’s Story: First-Time Home Buyer!

After living in Austin, Texas, Christiana was looking to make New Orleans her new home. She was tired of renting, and wanted make an investment by buying her very first home in the Big Easy.  Christiana was very specific about her wants and needs for her future home: 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, move-in ready, and a short commute time to her new job in the city.  Christiana’s desire was to make sure she would make a good investment, as well as find the home that best fit her lifestyle

The Godwyn Realty team, led by stellar agent Clint Engvall, helped Christiana find a home that was uniquely hers and a perfect fit! First, they made a list of Home Goals, the “must haves” for Christiana. Next, they hit the pavement finding a selection of homes in neighborhoods that fit Christiana’s style.  After searching several houses, Christiana found a beautiful home in New Orleans that was exactly what she was looking for!

“I worked with Clint Engvall to find my dream home! He did an amazing job and was patient with me as I asked to look at several houses that were not the one. Once we found my house, Clint was right on target with the offer, even when I had my doubts!” – Christiana



Even during Hurricane Ida, Clint kept the transaction going smoothly and they made it all the way to closing!

“Despite the storm, we were able to stay on time with the closing date thanks to Clint’s dedication. Thank you Clint for being a great real estate agent!”  – Christiana



Whether you are relocating to NOLA, upgrading your home, need a change of scenery, or wanting something new, let the team at Godwyn Realty help you find a home that is perfect for you. We know the process can be overwhelming, so start with a Home Goals meeting with an agent. We can help you dream about what is possible in New Orleans.